We are often asked if it’s been “business as usual” during Lockdown as the UK continues to adjust to the “new normal”.

Well the answer is “yes” in that we’ve been trading throughout and have worked flexibly and responsively to adjust to the changing needs of our clients, old and new.

One major positive was the upsurge in demand for home deliveries.  That saw increased use of trailers by food companies and delivery company drivers, including Amazon.  Clients also used them for storage for a variety of products, including steel.

On a sad but nonetheless essential note, trailers were also used by manufacturers to transport coffins during the initial weeks of the pandemic.

Throughout, we have worked  hard to ensure that the hiring process is swift and professional.  Paperwork is emailed, wherever possible, to ensure social distancing. Once this is completed and checked a trailer can be hired in approximately 30 minutes.

We offer a range of hire terms – ranging from one-day rent to rent-to-buy and long-term options.

MD Neil Martin said, “We’ve worked flexibly and proactively to ensure that we can meet the evolving needs of our clients in these rapidly changing times.  It’s testimony to the resilience of the Leeds Trailers’ team that we’ve come through it so positively.

“We’ve also invested and have taken delivery of new trailers over the Summer – with more scheduled to arrive next month.”

“Please just call me on 01924 420 646  to discuss your needs and we’ll do the rest.”

We look forward to hearing from you!