Leeds Trailers is growing! We’ve got more specialist DOLL heavy haulage trailers available for immediate hire.

All the trailers below can be hired from our Tuxford depot.

Call Neil on 01924 420 646 to hire the right trailer for your next haulage job.


S4L: 4-axle semi-trailer with friction steering
DOLL trailer S4L side view

Features include:

· Payload: 45,100kg

· Axle load capacity: 40,000kg

· Length:  12,260mm

· Telescopic drop-bed:  6,000mm

· Drop-bed loading height: 880m

· DOLL sliding system

· Hydraulic double ramps

· Friction steering
Doll trailer S4L diagram

Doll trailers S4L drop-bed view

Low-Bed Trailer

Panther T2E: 2-axle low-bed with hydraulic steering

Doll trailer T2E eagle view

Features include:

· Payload: 28,500kg

· Axle load capacity: 24,000kg

· Length:13,110 mm

· Drop-bed loading height: 300mm

· Doll Panther running gear

· Telescopic drop-bed

· 2-line hydraulic forced steering

·Detachable gooseneck

Doll Trailers T2E diagram

Doll trailer T2E side view

Platform Trailer

P3H: 3-axle platform trailer with hydraulic steering

Doll trailer P3H side view

Features include:
·     Payload: 35,000kg

·     Axle load capacity:  30,000kg

·     Length: 13,460mm

·     Double telescopic length: 7,700 + 8,000mm

·     Pocket rails and container locks

·     Stake pockets in outer frame
Doll trailer P3H diagram

Doll trailer P3H front platform view

Doll trailer P3H platform close-up

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