Leeds Trailers  is reporting a positive but challenging start to the new trading year despite issues relating to the Coronavirus outbreak and Brexit.

Trailer hire turnover has increased during January and February – largely down to investment in the fleet resulting in greater numbers of trailers on the road.

Managing Director Neil Martin said, “On a positive note, the construction industry appears to be booming and flat trailers are proving popular for modular housing companies*, steel suppliers and building firms, generally.

“Brexit has understandably prompted uncertainty and we have seen increased demand for trailer storage. In these instances, trailers are not being used on the road but remain on-site to hold goods until further decisions are made.”

“The demand for curtain trailers has slowed down, though, across the haulage/transport industry as a whole.”

With regard to the Coronavirus outbreak, the total number of confirmed UK cases stood at 36 on Monday (March 2).

Leeds Trailers does not export goods but it is impacted by any reduction in world trade and the knock-on effect on UK imports.

For latest Government advice relating to risks, traveller advice and latest confirmed cases see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-information-for-the-public

*For more information on how modular housing is impacting domestic construction projects, see our November blog at  http://www.leedstrailers.co.uk/how-modular-housing-is-changing-domestic-construction-projects/