Good news for people looking to hire trailers from us.

We’re adding the following trailers to the trailer hire fleet.


We’ve got several that are new in and more coming later this month.

Call 01924 420 646 to speak to our team today.

Flat trailers 


Montracon flat trailers

· 13.6m complete with side posts and sockets

These are brand new Montracon flat trailers and available for hire immediately.

Montracon flat trailers


Curtain trailers 

Available for hire at the end of November 2018 are the following refurbished curtain trailers:

· 4.5m high curtain trailers in red

· 4.3m high pillarless curtain trailers in red

curtain trailers in red


Box trailers

The box trailers will be available later in the month. Call today (01924 420 646) to confirm availability and to secure your box trailer hire with Leeds Trailers.

· 13.6 m box trailers

box trailer

(More images coming soon)

There are many other trailers available for immediate hire, so do get in touch to speak to our team.

You can also buy bespoke trailers that are perfect for transport jobs across the UK. Find out more about buying trailers here.