Business is booming across our industry as the UK continues on the Government’s road map back to normality.


We’re delighted to report that we’re continuing to experience very brisk trade and nothing is staying in the yard for long!


So what happens when you want a trailer?


In line with our commitment to first-class customer service, we are working hard to ensure that we meet clients’ needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We currently operate a waiting list and this is working well as trailers often come back into the yard, at short notice.  The list allows us to match trailers to individuals’ needs and to get them back on the road as swiftly as possible.


We also continue to invest in the fleet and recently purchased a second-hand flat trailer – which went straight out to work.


We have brand new curtains due in later this month (June). Box vans are due to arrive in August and some new curtains/flat trailers are now on order for early next year.


So what are the triggers for such high demand?


MD Neil Martin said, “Construction, manufacturing and Amazon drivers are triggering our greatest demands for trailers.


“We have had bedding/carpet manufacturers using the trailers to supply surplus stock of component parts.   They’ve ordered extra,  due to the waiting times faced in the past,  so they are laying contingency plans to help ensure this doesn’t happen again.


“Demand has also been boosted by construction projects, previously on hold due to the pandemic,  but these are now in full swing.  Likewise, the hospitality industry is continuing to open up, which is good news for the economy as a whole.


“Worldwide, there have been supply and component part delays – generating a higher demand for hire and trailers in general.”


This has resulted in shortages of trailers available for commercial purchase and sale. Trailers are securing record prices when they go up for auction.


Neil added, “It’s a buoyant and highly-competitive market so it’s vital that you get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can help you source whatever is right for you.


“Things change very rapidly in our industry and we can have nothing in the yard in the morning but five may arrive that same afternoon.


“This unpredictability is actually good news, right now, as it means the waiting lists are working well and we often can react to customer demand, well ahead of schedule.”


Transport is a good barometer for the whole economy so if the transport industry is booming then that’s a good indicator that things are going well with UK plc.

It’s always great to chat – please contact Neil today to talk things through.

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