The road transport industry has experienced one of its busiest and most challenging years on record – and there’s no sign of it letting up!

Unprecedented demand for deliveries – combined with an HGV lorry driver shortage and Brexit – has resulted in a perfect storm across the sector.

On a positive note, Leeds Trailers has continued to grow our business, with the following highlights. We have:

  • Remained open through a third period of national lockdown, meaning we’ve traded continuously throughout the pandemic.


  • Reported record fleet utilisation figures, verging on 100 percent most weeks


  • Reacted proactively to industry shortages, running an effective waiting list.


Looking ahead, we are still unable to source quality, used stock and have therefore placed orders for brand new box, flat and curtain trailers to be delivered throughout 2022.

In response to the long lead-in times, we are also now looking at stock requirements for 2023.

Leeds Trailers’ MD Neil Martin said: “Construction, manufacturing and Amazon have triggered our greatest demand for trailers this year, maintaining the trends of 2020.

“As the UK opened up after the third lockdown, demand was boosted by construction projects and a general increase of traffic in FMCG requiring  trailers to get their products to market.

“Manufacturers have placed orders for additional stock to cover delays in the supply chain which has resulted in increased demand for road going and storage trailers.”

“Globally, the industry has experienced supply and component part delays – sustaining the higher demand for trailers in general.

 “This has resulted in shortages on the open market and trailers have secured record prices when they’ve come up for sale.”

 Looking ahead, Neil said: “As we go into 2022, it remains a buoyant and highly-competitive market so it’s vital that you get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can help you source whatever is right for you and your businesses.”

Finally – as we did last year – we are delighted to be sending out electronic festive messages, in lieu of sending Christmas cards.

Instead, we have donated the card and postage costs to Kevin Sinfield’s MND Association fund-raiser.

For more information about the former Leeds’ Captain’s phenomenal fund-raising efforts, please see:

We have also made a donation to Christies Hospital in Manchester in support of one of our major construction clients.

A very Merry Christmas to you all and we look forward to working with you in the New Year.