2018 was an important year for transport, logistics, haulage and supply chain.

To commemorate this, we’ve put together a shortlist of the industry leaders and innovators.

HGV voice

Lesley O’Brien has been supporting the She’s RHA movement in 2018, as well as keeping HGV drivers up to date with career opportunities.

Her way of keeping HGV drivers informed with the latest industry news – particularly when it comes to Brexit – is why she’s listed as a 2018 transport pioneer.

Transport campaigning

While Brexit was on most hauliers’ mind in 2018, the challenge of potholes in the UK was also an important topic.

No one was campaigning more about the state of potholes than Mr .Pothole.

He was interviewed by the BBC to draw attention to the impact of potholes on UK roads, vehicles and the transport industry overall. His campaign continues and calls for long term solutions to the pothole crisis over the quick (and widely inefficient) fixes commissioned by councils.

Port pioneer

There are many high-traffic and hard working ports in the UK. 2018’s port of the year award went to the Port of Southampton.

Voted as the No.1 port for export, it’s also known for its involvement in automotive logistics.

Construction project announcements

The following are construction project announcements from 2018, which grabbed people’s attention.


The Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham in 2022. The city’s Alexander Stadium will be revamped to serve as the centrepiece of the games. The athlete’s village was commissioned to Lendlease in a £350m contract. After the games the village will be transformed into 1,400 homes.


Back in April 2018 the redevelopment of Leeds’ South Bank was approved. The 3.5 hectare site will feature mixed-use office, retail and leisure developments, as well as 750 homes.

Pallet champion- British weather 2018

The British weather isn’t usually praised, but in August 2018 the majority of pallet networks reported positive growth and credited this to the good weather in the UK. This is why Britain’s record summer deserves a spot on the transport pioneers list of 2018.

Warehouse feature of the year: Flexiwall

2018 news in logistics said the majority of warehouse managers were concerned with storage solutions. One new technology to solve this problem was the Flexiwall. This warehouse feature gained increased interest in 2018.

Industry leaders praised the versatility of the floor-to-ceiling partition. The ease of use also made it popular. Being able to efficiently partition warehouse space quickly and at a reasonable cost solved one challenge that warehouse managers faced.

The challenge of acquiring additional and flexible storage was met by hiring trailers like the box trailers available from Leeds Trailers. Find out more about this in our previous article.

Transport moment of the year: Severn Bridge Toll

Toll charges between the M4 and M48 at Severn bridges officially stopped on Monday the 17th of December 2018. It marked the first time cars and commercial vehicles could cross the Severn estuary for free. Reports state that a toll to cross has been in place in some form for 800 years.

Previously commuters paid up to £1,400 per year to cross the estuary.

Local hauliers reported potential savings of £50,000 – £55,000 per year – provided that free-flowing traffic continues across the Severn Bridge .

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