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Trailer Hire

Our range of trailers is incredibly diverse

Specialist trailer hire. Whether you need a flat or curtainsider, a box or heavy haulage trailer, the Leeds Trailers team is here to help.


Standard specification curtain trailers are available with load restraint systems, drum brakes & barn doors. Beyond this, we will work closely with customers to design trailers to meet specific operational requirements. Trailers can be supplied with single or twin decks, fork lift carrying kits or tail lifts.

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All standard flat trailers are supplied with stanchions/sockets to contain payloads as diverse as steel beams, timber logs or plastic pipes.

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Box Trailer

Standard specification box trailers are GRP panelled and can be supplied with a variety of different options to suit the operator’s needs. Insulated vans, single axle urbans or tail lifts are some examples of the options available. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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